Sure, here are a few common questions that a bag manufacturing company we can offer dealing:

1. What materials are your bags made of?
– Our bags are made of high-quality leather, cotton,canvas vegan leather, and durable fabric materials etc.

2. Do you offer custom designs or personalization options?
– Yes, we offer custom designs and personalization options for our handbags. You can personalize your bag with monograms, custom colors, and unique embellishments.

3. What is your return and exchange policy?
– Our return and exchange policy allows for returns within 30 days of purchase, and exchanges for defective or damaged products within 60 days. Please refer to our detailed policy for more information.

4. How do I care for and clean my bag?
– We recommend using a damp cloth to gently clean the surface of the bag. For specific care instructions, please refer to the care label attached to the product.

5. What is the warranty on your bags?
– Our bags come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty covers repairs or replacements for eligible issues.

6. Where are your bags manufactured?
– Our handbags are manufactured by us in our state-of-the-art facilities located in Guangzhou China.

7. Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchasing options?
– Yes, we offer wholesale and bulk purchasing options for retailers and businesses. Please contact our sales team for more information.

8. What is the process for repairing a damaged bag?
– If your handbag requires repair, please contact our customer service team to initiate the repair process. We offer repair services for eligible issues.

9. Are your bags environmentally friendly or sustainable?
– We are committed to sustainability and offer a range of eco-friendly handbag options made from recycled materials and sustainable production practices.

10. How can I contact customer service for further assistance?
– You can contact our customer service team via email at [email address] or by phone at [phone number]. Our team is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns.